Martina Gedeck is one of the most influential and respected actresses in Germany. With her lead role as the GDR actress Christa-Maria Sieland in the German Oscar winner “Lives of Others” and as Ulrike Meinhof in “The Baader Meinhof Complex”, nominated for the Oscar for "Best Foreign Film" and Golden Globe, Martina Gedeck has not only made an international name for herself but has also interpreted episodes of German history for future generations. In recent years Martina Gedeck appeared in a number of outstanding films including Istvan Szabos "The Door" opposite Helen Mirren, Robert de Niros "The Good Shepherd", Oskar Roehlers Houllebecq novel adaptation "The Elementary Particles " , Helma Sanders Brahms film about Clara Schumann "Clara" and Sandra Nettelbecks "Mostly Martha".

At the Berlinale 2012 she starred with her brilliant solo-performance in J.R.Pölslers  film "The Wall", which won several prizes and is seen all over the world.  Her international work include the french remake of the Denis Diderot literary classic "The Nun" ,where she plays opposite Isabelle Huppert as well as Markus Imbodens swiss literary adaption "Am Hang". In 2013 she starred in Daniele Luchettis film "Anni Felici" and was seen in Bille Augusts "Nighttrain to Lisbon" opposite Jeremy Irons. For her performances she won for more than thirty German and international awards. Martina Gedeck was part of the Grand Jury of Venice Film Festival and the International Jury of the Film Festival Berlin. She is voting member of the European Film Academy, the German FilmAcademy and the German Academy of Performing Arts. Martina Gedeck is Commander of the Bavarian Order of Merit and Commander of Chevalier des arts et des lettres.





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